Torus (revised 2010)
for solo piano and live video by Avinash Krishnan
Performance: 11 May 2010 at Staller Center Recital Hall. Jocelyn Ho, piano, Levy Lorenzo, video.
Click here for the video

String Quartet (Rituals) (2005)
for 2 violins, viola, cello

Wavefronts (2005)
for percussion quartet with solo commissioned by Schlaginstrumentengruppe
( mp3 )
Performances: 30, 31 July 2005 at the Crown Center Pavillion, Kansas City, Schlaginstrumentengruppe, Brett Baxter, solo

12 Variations on a Dodecahedron (2005)
for percussion duo
( mp3 )
Performance: September 2006, Bill Solomon’s Graduate Percussion Recital, Hartford University. Bill Solomon and Ned Smith.
Click here for the video

Torus (2004)
for solo piano
( mp3 )
Performances: 26 February 2005 at White Hall, UMKC. Composer’s Guild Concert. Jocelyn Ho, piano. 13 April 2005 at Grant Hall, UMKC. Solo piano recital. Jocelyn Ho, piano.

Contemplation on a Candle in Darkness (2001)
for clarinet and piano
Performances: 2001 at Studio 1, University of Sydney. “Pieces for Peter” project. Johanna Petsche, clarinet, Jocelyn Ho, piano

Summer Birds (2001)
for 2 pianos
Performances: 2001 at Old Darlington School, University of Sydney. Composers’ concert. Anna Kornakowski and Jocelyn Ho, pianos.

The Chasm (1999)
for soprano, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, whirlies and piano
Performances and Recording: 24 February 2000 at Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney. Jamie Castrisos, Mark Spiteri, Amanda Kaledelfos, Nicole Thomson, Michael Wright and Jocelyn Ho.


From 2D to 3D: Using Geometry and Group Theory to Model Motivic Structure in Musical Composition
in Mathematics and Computation in Music (Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2011), 342-5.
Jocelyn Ho.

Debussy and late-Romantic Performing Practices: An Investigation of Debussy’s Piano Rolls of 1913.
Masters thesis, University of Sydney (completed 2009)
link coming soon!

Trigonometric identities, linear algebra and computer algebra
Amer. Math. Monthly, 112 (2005), 155-164.
Ian Doust, M.D. Hirschhorn and Jocelyn Ho.